We only teach you strategies that have resulted in closed/won revenue for us - personally.

    1. Tell us about yourself

    2. Why Social Selling is Important

    3. Who This Course is For

    4. Quiz: Who is Social Selling For?

    1. The 3 Key Principles

    2. 6 Common Bad Practices to Avoid

    3. Quiz: Audit Your Social Selling Habits

    1. The 3-Step Method

    2. Profile Teardown: "Meh" vs "Great"

    3. LinkedIn Profile Setup Checklist

    1. Engage With Others

    2. Quiz: Engage With Others

    3. Post High-Value Content

    4. FAQs About Posting on LinkedIn

    5. Quiz: Converting With LinkedIn Posts

    6. Take Interactions Offline

    1. CASE STUDY: Six Figures in ARR from Consistent Posting

    2. CASE STUDY: $219K Client Signed - After 2.5 Years of No Contact

    3. CASE STUDY: Using a Customer Job Change Alert

    4. CASE STUDY: $102k ARR from a Thoughtful Outbound DM

    1. How to Book Time Like a Pro

What You'll Learn

  • 29 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • A system to make sure you START social selling with confidence
  • The conversational mistakes you're making, and how to sound like a confident executive instead
  • How to turn your profile into an evergreen inbound lead machine, not a boring resume

Meet Your Social Selling Trainer

Alex Boyd

Founder/CEO, RevenueZen

Hi, I'm Alex. I've been social selling for over 4 years - the first two of those were "by accident", since I didn't have a methodology I was following. I was just winning business and very happy about it. Then, I formalized my social selling practice into a methodology that's won us 7 figures in sales, and I'm excited to teach it to you. See you inside!


I've trained and worked alongside salespeople, account managers, leaders, and founders - startups, growing companies, and 300+ person sales teams. And I'm honored to share their feedback below.

“I’m closing way more deals after Alex’s training. And I feel much more confident training my team, too. There’s no fluff, just the concrete things I can do to improve on my next sales process - and the “why” behind it all.”

Scott Britton, Forbes 30 Under 30 & Co-Founder @ Troops

“For me, it started when I couldn't help but to notice what he was writing and more importantly the way he was packing a serious punch through the structure and style of the spot on content he was sharing. The thoughtful engagement he recognized stood out the most and I dropped everything to reach out and get to know him. I doubled down on my content efforts after getting to know Alex better and learning from him. He sets an incredible example and I'm a better businesswoman for it.”

Amy Volas, LinkedIn Top Voice @ Founder of Avenue Talent Partners

“Alex is one of of the most intelligent, talented people I have worked with. Beyond that, he is truly dedicated to sharing his knowledge and skills to develop his team. I also appreciated his honest, direct, results-oriented communication style (that he always offered up with a healthy dash of wit and heart).”

Leah Rutz, Sr Customer Success Manager @ Smarsh

“I've watched as he's grown from top early-career sales rep, to manager, to founder and executive leader - always staying at the top of his game professionally. He always does right by his team and clients. In terms of pure brainpower, I know of few people who can synthesize information and make it immediately useful like Alex, and that's not even his most powerful quality. As a leader, he doesn't follow the typical leadership tropes. This is what makes him atypical—exceptional—in all the right ways. Alex is what you would call a true leader - someone who people follow, not because he has positional authority, but because he inspires them. And like any great leader, he encourages people to challenge his thinking, letting him (and them) continue to innovate, learn, and grow, professionally and personally.”

Darren Carter, VP Sales & Operations @ Ascent Conference

“I swear, every time you post something 10,000 light bulbs go off!”

Joe Barhoum, Sales Consultant and Professor of Sales @ University of Portland

Generate massive pipeline on LinkedIn

The science behind millions in closed/won revenue sourced from social

Frustrated By LinkedIn Automation?

If you're seeing diminishing returns from mass connection and messaging automation, then this course is for you. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there's a better way, We'll teach you how to generate higher-converting leads while preserving your valuable reputation. And, you'll have more fun doing it, too.
Course screenshot showing what a good LinkedIn post looks like

Don't know where to start with Social Selling?

Open LinkedIn and you'll see people who look successful at it. Maybe it seems like "you could never do that", and you don't even know where to start. We'll change that in this course - you'll learn the easy, concrete, first steps to take.
Course screenshot,

It's not about being an 'influencer'

If you want to increase your pipeline and sales from social selling, but you're concerned I'm going to tell you to spend 2 hours a day on becoming an 'influencer' - don't worry. I'll teach you how to add a new source of high-quality pipeline in 20 mins a day, not how to get more Likes.


We jam-packed this course with the good stuff, and only the good stuff.

  • Access For Life

    Once you're in, you're in. When we add new lessons and plays, you'll get immediate access. Sign up once, up your game forever.

  • Just The Meat & Potatoes

    This course isn't 12 hours of useless high-production-value fluff, you'll get my real systems and frameworks that build pipeline.

  • Insights, Not Gimmicks

    We don't teach you hacks, tricks, scripts, or how to buy apps named after ghosts or ducks. You're a professional B2B revenue generator, not a hacker.

Ready to learn 7-figure social selling?


Curious about what you'll get out of this? Read on.

  • Who was this course designed for?

    B2B sellers, marketers, and growth teams. That includes you, founders and execs who know they "should be on LinkedIn but don't know where to start".

  • Are you going to talk about LinkedIn automation?

    I'm going to address it, yes. But this course won't train you on how to use automation tools - we'll show you a better way.

  • What makes this course different from the others?

    I didn't create this course for entry-level salespeople, non-B2B internet marketers, or for 'creators' per se. It's a no-BS guide to generating high-quality pipeline, and building life-changing professional and personal relationships, on LinkedIn. And I've made enormous revenue in the process. You won't learn hacks or gimmicks.

  • How long do I have to wait before I see the first leads come in?

    Most people who use this system get their first good sales leads in the first week - they use my High Converting Posts framework, and at least 1 person from their past network reaches out, which turns into a sales meeting. If you follow this system diligently, you'll see traction in 1-3 months, and game-changing results in the quarters that follow, and beyond.

  • Why does it cost so little?

    Most of my company's income, RevenueZen, comes from our agency work. The main reason this course has a price tag at all is to ensure that you're actually invested and paying attention, and so that we know you're serious about learning.

  • Can I play this course at 1.25X, 1.5X, or 2X speed?

    Yep. Wait, you play videos at full 2X speed? What a maniac - I love it.

  • How do I enroll?

    Click the button below to start the process of becoming a 7-figure Social Seller.